Which countries are the countries where people are happiest and suffer the most? This is the best overview!

According to the UN report, people are happiest in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, and Austria.On the other hand,people feel least happy in South Sudan, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Rwanda, Yemen, Malawi, Syria, Botswana, and Haiti.

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According to this report, people in the Nordic countries seem to be happier. They live in civilized countries where there are no wars, they are also richer and have access to good medical care and food. But does living in dark and cold places, for example, affect the development of depression? After all, many people suffer from so-called seasonal depression, i.e. depression caused by lack of sunlight (mainly in fall and winter)

We also looked at other research findings. The latest findings reveal that Americans suffer the most from depression . Furthermore, the highest prevalence of depression is found in Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Maldives, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. People in Japan, Spain, Greece, Ivory Coast, Portugal, Uganda, and Kenya have the lowest rates of depression

Unfortunately, we do not know if these studies are accurate. In many countries (including Japan), mental illness is taboo and there is a complete lack of proper care, medication, and qualified psychiatrists.

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A ranking of suicides shows that Lithuania and Russia have the highest number of suicides, followed by Guyana, South Korea, Belarus, Suriname, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia and Lesotho. Caribbean, Bahamas, Jamaica, Maldives, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Guatemala, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan have the lowest suicide rates.

Alcohol consumption is highest inMoldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, and Serbia.

The lowest consumption is

Libya, Pakistan, Mauritania, Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Niger, and Egypt.

Cocaine addicts are most prevalent inScotland, Spain, and the U.S.The most dependent on prescription opioids arethe United States, Australia,the Czech Republic. Opioid use is generally highest inthe United States, Australia, Afghanistan,and the Czech Republic.Opioids are then most abused inAfghanistan, the Seychelles, and Iran. [54] Marijuana has the most users in [55] Iceland, the United States, and New Zealand.