Wheels? Or cars?

Once you spend your first vacation in a motorhome, you will not want to spend it any other way. And this way of traveling is possible all year round. You can even park it at a ski resort. You can spend a weekend at a ski resort with a roof over your head. Since the heat goes out in the summer, this is a great solution for spring and fall to see the beautiful scenery. The convenience of this mobile base is irreplaceable, especially for those who love hiking and biking. A kitchenette is often included in the motorhome\’s equipment, making it easy to stay in even the most remote natural destinations. Where restaurants are not available

Na cesty v obytném voze

The most common way to make a motorhome operational is to modify it. A removable body can be attached to a company van or family pickup. It is not very spacious, but it has enough room for sleeping and storing necessities. After returning from vacation, it can be put back together. The van is another solution to the standard van. With this modification, the exterior remains the same. All that is needed is the interior. A panoramic roof or roller shutters can be added. This solution also does not provide much comfort.

Na kole, s obytným autem v zádech

For cycling enthusiasts, the ease of moving it from place to place is a great help, as it can be carried on a rack in the rear. An alcove is a motorhome with an unmistakable hump on the cab. It can be used to sleep more than two people. It can easily accommodate six small travelers. The most commonly used motorhome is the so-called semi-integra. The base is still an ordinary van. The Semi-Integra offers users a perfect design and more comfortable interior space. The Intergra, nicknamed “Integra,” is the latest model. Its low floor makes it easy to get into and the best version in terms of practicality. Due to the size of this motorhome, drivers need to make sure that their Group B license is sufficient. This is because if you choose a caravan with vehicle-attached status, you already need a driver\’s license to drive it. In many cases, the B96 extension is sufficient.