What you need to clean your hands

Hands, unlike other parts of the body, are not usually hidden under clothing so that everyone can see and appreciate them. However, this is often not a good assessment, as most men and many women do not take care of their hands at all. In this case, there is no need to perform complicated rituals or spend huge sums of money on beauty salons. In most cases, basic but regular maintenance is sufficient.
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1. moisture – When the skin becomes dehydrated, it begins to peel and does not look very good. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water regularly, especially during the summer months, when large amounts of water are lost through perspiration. By water, I do not mean coffee or red wine, but pure water. Drink several glasses of water every day. There is no need to buy special mineral water; ordinary tap water will suffice. On days when it is going to be tropical outside, drink more than usual. It is a small thing, but it is good for your skin.
2.Sleep– Not sleeping well not only affects your psyche, but also your skin. Sleep is very important for the functioning of the human body, and if it is deficient, one should consult a specialist. Not only because it is bad for the skin.
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3.Food-Even what you eat can have a significant impact on the appearance of your hands. Eating only greasy and fried foods will not help you get perfect skin on your hands and other parts of your body. Be sure to consume fruits and vegetables. If you supply enough minerals and vitamins, they will have a positive effect on both your body and your skin.
4.Wash your face – Of course, regular hygiene is necessary. One should wash one\’s hands after using the restroom and after gardening, but one should also wash one\’s hands at night before going to bed.