What should I do?

1. Learn the law – Familiarize yourself with terms such as commercial law, business license law, and tax law. It is a good idea to obtain the latest printed materials. They are updated regularly and do not mislead the user. Leaning on “sensible” advice from the Internet may often not be the right approach.
2. Make an appointment with a notary .Forming a company is not fun, and everything must be duly finalized and certified. Choose your notary carefully, work with facts, get reviews, and leave nothing to chance. If you want to avoid mistakes in your business life from the start, use your own common sense and carefully consider your next steps!
3. Have the necessary documents ready for your future business.
– location of the company
– what type of business you want to conduct
– details of the company\’s managing director
– amount of capital and the contributions of individual shareholders
– details of the members of the first supervisory board
– appointment of a custodian of the deposit
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4. the deposit is a cash payment to the custodian of the capitalIt should be noted that it is also possible to pay cash to the custodian of the capital.
5. Obtain a trade certificate from the trade licensing authority. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a while, but eventually you will be registered in the commercial register.

You are now ready to go! If you have not been disappointed with the steps so far, you are good to go! It is not as bad as it looks. Believe me, there are worse battles to win in business itself!
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Not sure what to do?

If you\’re worried that entrepreneurship is beyond your control, contact an expert! Today, there are already There are many. They can provide comprehensive turnkey services.