What is the danger of burnout syndrome

· The term burnoutwas originally used in slang for those who found themselves at the very bottom. At the turn of 70. And 80 years of the last century in the United States has been used in the field of labor and expression of resignation, lethargy and fatigue in employment.
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Burnout syndromemanifests itself at different levels of tendency to escape mechanisms.
Physically, burnout can manifest as increased morbidity, decreased immune system function, and the possibility of the development of self-destructive diseases.
Mental burnout syndrome It is due to disappointment, skepticism, lack of interest, despair and despair, feelings of loss of meaning, feelings that the process of things is beyond the control of the individual and the activity does not have the power to change it.
In professional behavior, increased routine and silly performance, lack of time for teamwork, tendency to minimize contact with people and students, help in self-destructive ways There may be a tendency – a tendency to sacrifice oneself, a tendency not to see, a tendency not to deal with work problems or conflicts.
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The problem of burnout can also be seen in terms of the functioning of the team and the entire organization. This threat arises because of the neglect of 2 basic factors: the lack of definition of the capabilities of workers, the disregard of rights and obligations, and the lack of recognition of them.
For employees, the factors in the possible emergence of helplessness in the workplacemay be the ambiguity of the professional role of the environment, the possibility of unfulfilled work tasks, excess of tasks, inadequate financial evaluation, tasks beyond the competence of the student, criticism, and lack of appreciation.
Burnout processThere are slow, creeping courses that can go unnoticed. Basically, a person\’s ability to adapt and learn new things decreases. Once the burnout process is complete, it tends to cycle and the individual becomes its prisoner. This can lead to a complete loss of working capacity.syndrom vyhoření
Burnout syndromeentails loss of professional interest in clients and unwillingness to engage in their problems. Among the affected workers, they may encounter low work morale, poor performance levels, frequent job changes, increased alcohol and drug abuse, and frequent occurrence of mental disorders and family conflicts.