Wedding Fashion in 2018

The basic rule is to feel comfortable and confident in your dress. It doesn\’t matter if you like the look of the dress, it doesn\’t matter if you are uncomfortable in it. You are spending an important and beautiful moment, so there is no need to ruin it by feeling uncomfortable.

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The most important thing is, of course, fit. Always choose a piece that fits the proportions of your body. Again, there is no point in wearing clothes that are trendy but do not fit you. Take a friend with you to help you choose a dress. And I recommend even a slightly critical friend. She can tell you objectively whether the dress looks good on you.

Transparency and lace embellishments are still a trend in bridal fashion this year. This trend has been going on for several years.

Simplicity is also a given. There is strength and beauty in it. Sleeves, either long lace or three-quarter sleeves, have become very fashionable and popular in recent years. They are certainly unusual and look very interesting. Don\’t forget the quality of the material so that the dress doesn\’t look cheap, worn, or flimsy.

Snow White and champagne.

Wedding dress colors have always been white (off-white), natural warm shades of beige, and the ever popular ivory.So don\’t be afraid to experiment with different shades.

The basic cuts of dresses commonly seen in wedding dresses for sale or rental are:

  • Princess
  • Mermaid
  • Corset and wide skirt
  • Empire
  • “A-line cut”

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Cut should always be chosen according to body type. Not every body type will look good. However, it is important to always try on different cuts, or get advice from a wedding dress rental company in addition to a friend – they have this experience and can help you choose.

Dresses sewn with decorative materials also look interesting. Whether it is plain beads, more expensive Swarovski crystals, or gold-plated embroidery. But be careful not to make the overall impression another “clutter. The rule that less is sometimes more applies here as well,and the same goes for the makeup. It should be understated and subtle. Jewelry should also be understated. After all, the most beautiful things have yet to adorn you j