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Warming the Feet

People who have floor heating in their homes will not experience the unpleasant sensation of cold feet, especially in winter. But what kind of flooring material is suitable for underfloor heating?
Today, there is undoubtedly a wide variety of floor coverings, most of which can be combined with underfloor heating. However, the low thermal conductivity of the material and the insulation between the covering and the floor can be problematic. Logically, it is certainly worth choosing a covering with a high degree of thermal comfort.
hlavní ložnice
Tile, ceramic flooring, and stoneare arguably the most suitable coverings for floor heating because they have the highest thermal conductivity. Tiles are now manufactured in a variety of colors and shapes and can be used in any interior. However, not everyone wants to tile their entire house.
Plastic floors, PVC, marmorium, and vinylare second only to tile in insulation. Classic linoleum is back in vogue, but there are also modern and especially natural marmorium and durable vinyl floors. However, these floor coverings must be bonded to the floor. These floor coverings have the advantage of excellent insulation, a wide range of decorative options, and, above all, the ability to maintain a comfortable temperature outside of the heating season.
Laminate floorsare a very popular type of flooring in our environment. They are also suitable for underfloor heating, but for floating floors, an insulating foil must be placed under the covering, which reduces the thermal conductivity.
Wooden floorsare becoming increasingly popular in Czech interiors, bringing natural characteristics. Wood is also suitable for underfloor heating, but it is recommended that the thickness be as thin as possible.
plovoucí podlaha
Carpet and corkare probably the last two types of covering used in interiors, both of which can be used under certain conditions. In the case of carpet, it is also recommended that it be completely adhered to the floor and be as thin as possible. It is also not recommended to choose a carpet that is backed with felt, which has an insulating effect. In the case of cork, the material already has insulating properties in a certain sense, but the customer need not worry if it is the width used for the flooring.