Unwrapped items

Not long ago, the first stores without wrapping appeared in the Czech Republic, especially in Prague (as well as in other parts of the country). And that first bite attracted other stores, which have already gradually spread throughout the country. It takes a lot of courage for the operators, as Czechs are not used to this way of shopping, but they will surely find their fans. And if they persevere, they will be doing something good for ecology and their inner contentment, and a kind of community will form around them, from which much good is bound to come.


Outside the country, these stores are already well known, especially by the large number of organic farming enthusiasts and members of the Green Party who shop there. All in all, a different approach to consumption and living.

Principles of Shopping
Tan\’s main point is that there is no need to throw away or immediately sort through large amounts of bags, baggies, and paper packaging at home. You bring glass or plastic containers or bowls from home, and the attendant weighs what you want to buy into them. Don\’t worry, the selection is quite large. Even though the products are unpackaged, the prices are not cheaper than those of supermarkets, as they cannot offer the monster discount promotions of supermarkets. However, by having to bring your own containers, you already know what you want to buy and will not be shopping for more than you originally intended. This is common in supermarkets: you enter with a list of 10 items and leave the store with a bag of 30 items.


If you do not bring your own container or decide to buy something else on the spot, do not despair. The store also sells containers suitable for weighing items. Often there is seating in the store where you can have coffee or cake. This makes it a place to meet like-minded people who want to do something different and don\’t want to be swept away by the crowds.