To learn how to cope with stress and relax

Do you also find yourself falling down because you can\’t handle your responsibilities? Do you find yourself unable to sleep at night because your work is not going well? Sooner or later, you will develop so-calledburnout. You won\’t live this way for long, so change your lifestyle and try to get more rest.
myšlenky na povinnosti

  • Imagine pleasurable things and experiences, relax, and breathe slowly. Do self-discipline exercisesto calm your thoughts and achieve a sense of well-being. Lie down on a mat in loose-fitting clothing, with a therapist or psychologist leading the session, speaking in a low voice, and playing relaxing music.

  • Immerse yourself in a hobby that you enjoy and find satisfying. Move your body. Physical exercise releases endorphins, the so-called happy hormones. Do yoga, which teaches you how to use your energy and removes physical and mental blocks. Get a massage or visit a wellness retreat to be healed by an experienced masseuse. Take a walk in nature and enjoy its beauty.

  • Don\’t oversleep and get enough sleep , go to bed at the same time every day. If you work in shifts,vary your work. Frequent morning, evening, and afternoon shifts are not good for your biorhythms. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat moderately, and avoid coffee and alcohol.

chlap ve stresu

  • Buy little things to wear and little things to make yourself happy . Contradictions and disorder bring us confusion and chaos. Bring a pleasant atmosphere to your apartment with the help of the right accessories. [Improve ventilationand let in the sun\’s rays.

  • Don\’t be afraid to share your worries with someone you trust. Sharing your concerns = half the trouble. Don\’t be shy about visiting a professional counseling center. They will gladly help you and advise you on how to get through the situation.