The pursuit of perfection

If you sigh in front of other parents that your child is an intolerable perfectionist,At best, you get a benevolent smile, or children\’s misconduct and problems at school are often discussed among parents, teachers and professionals, but the problem of meticulous parents passes by with a wave of hands. But what to do if your child\’s desire for perfection exceeds the limit? When the number one without an asterisk or the second place in the competition triggers tantrums and cries? 1 Drag on the picture is the reason for the hysterical scene? How to teach your child that mistakes and losses belong to life, to victory and success?
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The basis of a successful strategy is to recognize the moment when a child\’s desire for perfection begins to exceed acceptable limits. Some children are inherently more competitive than others and always want to be the best, and there is no problem with that. But if your child has long been distracted by all the slightest failures, then it\’s time to act. The first step is to reassure your child that you still love him or her and that you are not angry with him or her for making a mistake Behind the perfectionism of many people is lowself-esteemand self-distrust, and the solution is to build healthy self-esteem and trust in the world and people. Show the child that everyone makes mistakes. Talk to your child about the situation in which you made a mistake and how you fixed it. This will give your child confidence and help them see things in the right light.

In addition to addressing the child\’s self-esteem and relationship to the world, perfectionism may also be a sign of another obstacle. Therefore, if your child is disturbed even by the slightest imperfection or deviation from the given plan, it is worth considering a visit to a child psychologist. For example, it could be a symptom of Asperger\’s syndrome, a form of autism, or another psychological problem. In addition, child psychologists monitor children for a long time and help prevent the more serious consequences of the whole problem, such as eating disorders in pursuit of a perfect figure in the future or workaholism.
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In any case, excessive child perfectionism is a problem you should not be ashamed of, but solve it. Your child and you deserve it.