The first date: a classic that never goes out of style

Times are fast and life is online. The absolute majority of young people are registered on at least one social network, and “chat dating” is not an unfamiliar habit for them. After all, they can listen to their favorite music, talk to other friends, or indulge in their favorite snacks on their “home look” while they are splattered with heart emojis on their pink chat.
káva v kelímku
Older generations nostalgic for the love letters that took weeks to read shake their heads in incomprehension at the romance of youth. One thing, however, cannot be faked the same way it was back then. That is the first date. Everyone who dated “pre-Internet” has a firm grasp on the principles of first dates, without which all efforts would fail. After all, with a fewtips, anyone can get to the starting line of this love affair offline and without Google.
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Pillars of Success:
1. Appearance
Keep in mind that when you meet in person, they will see you from head to toe. You should also groom yourself accordingly. Neatly combed hair, clean, nice clothes and shoes. Clothing makes the man and is as much a part of the first impression as well-groomed hair and nails.
2. Manners
“Going out” should be focused on the other person and only on him. Show your concern for the other person as well as your manners! Forget about the phone call and spend time getting to know each other in the meeting. After a while, you will realize that looking into the eyes of your loved one is much nicer than looking at a screen.
3. Natural
You don\’t have to start singing in the middle of a packed movie theater, but planning your date by the minute and sticking to your plan even though you haven\’t finished dinner is not very attractive either. If you let things flow and feel “right for you,” your date will take you in the best direction on its own accord, right down to the sweet goodbye kiss!