Taxes must be spent

The prices of basic raw materials vary. This is surprising since basic foods are often almost identical. They use the same flour, the same electricity, and the same ovens. So why are the prices so different?
Whether you buy bread in Prague or in the Chev, a roll is still two kronas. However, even these basic ingredients have different prices. This means that one buys it for 1 crown or 10 crowns, which means that one is quite poor at making money on basic groceries.
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Why prices fluctuate, the Ministry of Finance also decided to find out. This investigation would certainly be a laudable accomplishment if it did not itself cost 130 million kronor. This would drive the general public crazy.
Why would the government fund a study on prices instead of supporting domestic agriculture and thereby lowering prices, for the second time in a row, and I still don\’t know what the study is about.
There is evidence that reporters are asking workers what the price study has produced on the store floor. But no one has given a clear answer as to what the study is about. It is quite possible that even the workers themselves do not know what its purpose is.
But taxes must be spent. Whether it is the poor quality roads that are renewed every year, or the pointless surveys.
A more appropriate solution than conducting surveys would be to set government-controlled prices on basic groceries that everyone can afford.
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But this would distort the basic market mechanism by which the state seeks to minimally interfere with the functioning of the market. If state price controls were to take place, there is the possibility of a return to socialist principles, which is not a very desirable idea. Obviously, it is up to qualified experts to decide how to control prices while maintaining the principles of free trade.
Therefore, it is not easy to find a clear solution to this problem. We will probably have to get used to it. Food will continue to get more expensive and nobody seems to be able to do anything about it.