Running is sometimes college…

You can start at any age. Grandpa runs, grandchildren run. It is not about age, but about physical ability and willingness to run. It is important to enjoy running, and by doing so, you can gradually improve your performance. But even more important is a regular lifestyle and a proper training plan.

kamarádi běží spolu ve městě

But before you jump into running out of the blue, get your feet into the right running shoes. If you are serious about running the trot, look for a specialty store in your town that offers and sells quality running shoes. Modern stores even have treadmills where you can try on shoes and run on a treadmill right before you buy. Specialty stores usually sell to runners themselves, and they are the only ones who can advise you on the right choice of shoes. You may be surprised to learn that athletes use different shoes for training and for the real thing, and you may not immediately become a top athlete. So fear nothing and don\’t be shy to ask the expert in the store. He well remembers that at first, all the good advice was expensive. Wearing the wrong shoes can tire you out quickly and cause injuries. There is also a difference between summer running shoes and winter running shoes. The difference is that cloth shoes get wet more easily. For winter, choose rubber shoes that retain heat and do not get wet easily.

starší muži běží ve skupině

Running shoes should be breathable and lightweight to prevent sweating. A beginner\’s mistake is to dress for the weather when running. Bring a warm jacket because it\’s cold, OK, that might be fine for walking, but don\’t forget about running. But you\’re right. You won\’t be running in a jet anytime soon.
Start slow and opt for the so-called Indian run at first, alternating 100 step run, 100 step walk. Eventually, as you feel your stamina and strength building, reduce the number of steps and before you know it, you\’re flying with the wind in your face for the race. ……