Restless and hyperactive children

Cars, trains, dolls, a variety of educational toys for older children, creative and artistic games, puzzles, building blocks – sometimes it is hard to know which is more beautiful. These days, every older child has a smartphone or computer. Of course, each of them needs a set routine. Unfortunately, the lack of a place in kindergarten and pre-school has become a problem.
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Some parents try to compensate for not having enough time to spend with their children by buying gifts, but then, even though they have lots of toys, none of them actually entertain the children properly, and some of the children become unfocused and distracted. This is the first symptom, which later causes major problems in school life, for example. This is due to the inability to keep up with classes, to complete assignments, or to lack of concentration and attention when listening to or reading long passages.

If parents begin to notice similar symptoms, they are advised to consult a specialist.If the child is not ill, it is sometimes sufficient to create a nurturing environment for the child and establish certain rules for child rearing. This means setting a daily schedule, including times and places for eating, relaxing, and playing. It is also important to consider the things they will enjoy together and love, for example, not giving them a television or a new toy. The attention of such a child must always be focused on something.
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For example, we recommend going for walks or outings. Talk together there and try to focus on activities that everyone can enjoy. If your child has grown up alone and is not used to other peers, this can be a problem. So, as a reward, go to a children\’s center where children can play a lot. There are plenty of attractions and amusements, such as slides, trampolines , and bouncy castles. It is also important to praise, encourage, and reward them for doing well. Parents know their children best and must be able to gauge their children\’s hopes, thoughts, and experiences.