Removing gravity from sports has never been easier!

Sports do not necessarily have to be a boring monotonous routine! When you were a child, did you want to be an astronaut? Did you long to experience weightlessness? Are you interested in new, unconventional sports? Or have you ever tried yoga but just couldn\’t get into it? Have you discovered that you are a poor sportsman but don\’t want to give up exercise altogether? If at least one of the above applies to you, then this article is for you!
This article is about “anti-gravity yoga”which uses your body weight to “cut gravity” so to speak!


This exercise revolves around a hammock-like object called a “hammock” in Czech, which is made of a flexible and very strong fabric. The hammock is wrapped around the body in all kinds of ways, including swinging and hanging from it. There is no fear of it breaking. In stress tests, even a small elephant was rocked by this unusual swing.


There are countless exercises you can do in a hammock!
My personal favoriteis “angel wings”where you wrap your arms and shoulders in the hammock and instead spread your arms out like you have archangel wings and stretch the back of your legs. The great thing about anti-gravity yogais that it stretches almost every muscle in your body, and you don\’t even break a sweat! Another favorite exercise of mine is called“inversions”where you hang upside down in a hammock. You can hang in this position for several minutes, or you can use this posture as a starting point for many other exercises. Interestingly, for example, in this posture, gravity acts in the opposite direction on the spinal vertebrae,so anti-gravity yoga is worth a few Thai massages, plus it makes the back more stable and straight.

And let\’s not forget the relaxing effects of sleeping in a hammock. It makes you feel like a cocooned or quiet caterpillar, which is a refreshing change of pace. This may not resemble sport at all, but a few minutes of sleep can have a beneficial effect on muscle regeneration.


This almost magical form of yoga also has fitness variations that are not at all hard on the joints! The pregnancy variation is no exception, with the hammock hanging just off the ground and the workout rather relaxing.
And? Want to feel like you can fly?