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Interior wallpaper makes a comeback

Each room in an apartment has a unique focal point, location, and lighting. This should be taken into consideration when choosing wallpaper. The condition of the walls must also be considered. In general, however, good wallpaper skillfully hides large irregularities and even relatively large cracks in the wall. Moreover, even beginners can apply wallpaper!

Not only can it be easily washed with a damp sponge and soap solution, but it can also be brushed with a finer brush.

For bathrooms, waterproof vinyl wallpaper is available
an ideal solution for those who want to improve the core appearance of old plasterboard bathrooms.
It is resistant to water vapor and moisture and has the same treatment as above.

The living room is usually the most important place to furnish. The same can be said for the selection of appropriate wallpaper. However, consider the size of the available walls and the color scheme of the room\’s furniture to ensure that inappropriate wallpaper patterns, colors, and usage do not detract from the interior design.

The children\’s room is the second most stressed room after the kitchen
As we know, children love to write on the walls. They come in all sizes and colors. And when kids outgrow writing on the walls, simply remove the stickers from the wall and replace them with interesting 3D motifs.
květy na zdi
When choosing wallpaper, it is important to pay attention to the symbols on each roll.
This usually indicates what material it is made of, whether it is washable, the color fastness when exposed to sunlight, how the pattern is assembled, and other important information.

Have you decided which room in your apartment is appropriate for your new coat?