How to get to Croatia?

If there is one country we really want to visit, not only in Europe, but of course in the world, it is Croatia. Of course, Slovakia is no exception, but Slovakia is historically our country for the majority of Czechs and is virtually not a foreign country. No wonder Croatia is so fascinating. The exoticism unique to the Balkans, the quality of service, the variety of monuments and national parks, and of course, the biggest attraction, the sea. It should be noted that, at least for now, the sea is very beautiful. Add to this the still relatively popular price, and there is no reason not to go. But how? Of course, there are other options.
odraz města v moři

AirYes, the most convenient way to get to Croatia, as to basically anywhere, is by plane. The two countries are relatively close, so you can be there in a few dozen minutes. Of course, it depends on the destination. The short distance also means that airline tickets are quite affordable, and more and more tourists are using this mode of transportation.

Buses were a popular style of travel to Croatia in the 1990s, but now enjoy a new renaissance. The comfort in this case is practically the same as flying, without exaggeration. The itinerary is longer for obvious reasons, but in return, one can see things during the trip that one cannot see from an airplane. There is not much to see on the highway, but on the secondary roads, where it is more common to drive, you can see all the interesting things not only in Croatia, but also in the other countries you pass through.
vodopád v Chorvatsku


Of course, traveling by car is still in use. One does not have to rely on a travel agency and can go wherever and whenever one wants. Thanks to the car, one can explore the beauty of the country without being disturbed. On the other hand, you may not enjoy your vacation as much if you are not forced to focus on driving.