How to deal with aphthous stomatitis

What is an aphthous rash and how does it form

An aphthous rash is a reddish white or grayish sore, often on the mouth, cheeks, or tongue. They are easily recognizable because they are uncomfortable and painful when eating or drinking. Unfortunately, scientists do not know exactly why aphthae form. Some people suffer from aphthae throughout their lives, while others are not even aware of their existence. The most likely causes include heredity, long-term stress, lowered immunity, lack of certain vitamins and minerals, hormonal imbalance (in premenstrual women), and mechanical damage to the mucous membranes.

Tip:Don\’t worry, aphthae are not contagious as previously believed


My grandmother\’s advice

When aphthae develop, most people first resort to natural remedies. Aphthae is not a new disease, and our grandmothers have experience with aphthae. We know from our grandmothers that the best way to treat aphthae is to rinse the mouth with a decoction of chamomile and sage. Both herbs are astringent and aid in healing. Sucking on ice is also recommended (to relieve pain). Rub honey into the aphtha or use a preparation with propolis. The aftereffects may take 1-2 weeks to heal. During this time, do not eat spicy or spicy foods, do not chew gum, and do not smoke.

Tip: Include probiotic yogurt in your diet


Pharmacy help

If your grandmother\’s advice does not help, go to a pharmacy. There you will find countless preparations that will relieve the unpleasant aphthae and speed up the healing process. These include special gels, gargle lotions, and lozenges that form a protective film over the mouth sores.

Tip: If you suffer from recurrent aphthae or have a fever associated with them, do not be shy about visiting your family doctor


Focus on prevention. Avoid prolonged stress, eat a healthy diet (pay particular attention to iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 intake), get enough sleep (7-8 hours), strengthen your immune system (e.g., harden your body), and get outdoors often.

Tip: If you feel stressed, incorporate meditation or yoga