Free yourself from stress

Your body needs very little to be happy. Learn to relax and most importantly, give yourself a mental and physical break every day. Let go of negative thoughts. Life is so beautiful.

1. Sleep must come first. Sleep can have wonderful benefits, but it must be sufficient and of good quality. Sleep affects many functions in the body. If you literally survive on 4-5 hours of sleep a day, your body will give you back interest. Stress, migraines, weight gain, the onset of serious illness, and even burnout. No matter how “important” your workload is, in the evening (not at night) just sleep.
zimní relax

2. Alcohol and drugs. If you are using alcohol to fight off personal problems, you are really just contributing to other people\’s problems. This is also true of medications for migraine headaches and depression. You need to address the core of the problem, not drugging yourself with momentary drugs.

3. Give your body a good massage and relax all your muscles. It will help you mentally.

Take a few minutes out of your busy daily schedule to enjoy yourself. Do something you enjoy and know that the activity will give you a mental break. It could be a book, knitting, a warm bath, dancing, running, listening to music, whatever.

5. Dust off an old diary from your teenage years. Or get a new one. It has been proven that people who keep diaries are usually successful and have no major psychological problems.
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6. Make a plan. Whether it is a future vacation, a dream, or simply a work schedule for the coming week. In short, plan your goals, your work, your dreams.

7. Reconcile with friends and family. Disagreements with neighbors and family members in our personal lives can be emotionally damaging, even if we don\’t admit it to ourselves. It is better to admit the mistake, forgive others, and forget that it may not have been so serious.

Laugh. People who can laugh at trivial things every day are much happier in life. Laugh quietly from ear to ear without looking for reasons to cheer up or justify it J.

9. Healthy, balanced diet + exercise. Yes, that\’s right. Even the composition of one\’s diet affects one\’s mental state.

Don\’t be afraid of professional help. If the problem is serious and you do not know where to turn for help, consult a psychologist. Find a psychologist. Don\’t be ashamed of professional help. It can really be of great help.