Crossing a railroad crossing

Dozens of people are killed in level crossing accidents every year in the Czech Republic, mostly due to driver error. There are more than 8,000 level crossings, but only a quarter of them are equipped with traffic signals. The fact that about half of all accidents occur at railroad crossings demonstrates the reckless and dangerous behavior of drivers who ignore signals.

vlak závora

Nothing would happen if traffic rules (usually accompanied by an acoustic signal) prohibiting entering a railroad crossing when the signal is flashing red were observed. One does not even get stuck at a railroad crossing between barriers. If such a situation does occur, it is important to know that due to the design of the barrier, it can easily be lifted or broken if a vehicle attempts to climb over it and exit the crossing. In such cases, the driver\’s psyche can be crushed by the stress, and the Bureau of Railroad Inspections has issued a recommendation that the red and white paint on the inside of the barrier be changed to a different paint that is not associated with a driving ban. In the future, for example, a blue forward arrow could be painted on the inside of the barrier to encourage stressed drivers to break through the barrier and leave the crossing.
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A scuffed paint job is certainly more bearable than a completely wrecked vehicle, not to mention the damage to health and life. In case of an emergency, when calling 112 to request a road closure, know that each railroad crossing has a number that clearly identifies it. Depending on the specific situation, not everything can realistically be controlled, given the distance and speed of approaching trains.

One way to reduce accidents at railroad crossings in the future is through traffic education beginning in childhood and more intensive education in driving schools, with an emphasis on the high risk of driving errors before and at railroad crossings.