House and apartment

Choose your furniture wisely

[moving, new construction, remodeling. In any case, choosing the right furniture is one of the most important choices when moving. It is not always easy, especially if your partner does not agree with you. How to choose the right furniture for you

velká a rustikální

Materials are key

Furniture today is made from several different materials and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Furniture made from particleboard is inexpensive, available in a wide variety of colors, and often modern in design. On the other hand, they are susceptible to age-related deterioration: foil can begin to peel, cabinet doors can come off due to material fatigue, and even furniture can chip here and there after a few years.

Wooden furniture smells great, lasts for decades, and with proper care always looks like new. After a few years, if the vibrant colors have been lost, the surface can be lightly sanded and refinished (in this case, only the outer layer of the particleboard will peel off). This is especially good for those who prefer a traditional or Scandinavian style. Pure wood furniture, on the other hand, is expensive and requires a bit more time.

[As you can see, the material is fundamental, and that decision will help you deal with other details.

ložnice z masivu

Furniture is part of you.

[modern or classic. Color, or wood (or its imitation color). When choosing, don\’t forget the furniture where it will be placed. Will it be placed near a door or in a space? Some door designs may not allow for a full cabinet opening. Therefore, it is advisable to have an idea in advance where the furniture should be placed.

When choosing, one must also consider the spatial layout of the apartment. If you do not have enough space and do not want to clutter it with furniture, it is not a bad idea to have built-in furniture made to your measurements. Nowadays, this is not a luxury item and the price is often comparable to classic furniture. It will visually expand your apartment and provide plenty of storage space at the same time.

[Is there enough space between shelves? How to mount shelves. This way, when the cabinet is opened, the unpleasant surprise of the entire shelf and its (ideally fragile) contents popping out unexpectedly can be avoided.

Door design. Do you like the shape and design of the handles? Is the door completely free or does it open slowly when closed? Ideal if you have (or plan to have) children. Also, you won\’t have to complain for years about who slammed the door.

And one last thing: don\’t let them “interfere” with your choices. The road to hell is known to be paved with good intentions, and just because the advertised system suits someone doesn\’t mean it will suit you.