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Balconies instead of gardens

Do you like tomatoes and peppers? These vegetables are best grown in pots. These vegetables will produce beautifully even if you only plant them in pots. Herbs such as lavender, parsley, chives, and sage are also fine for balconies. You can also try growing peas and radishes. They may not produce as rich a harvest as those grown in a garden, but even a little bit will surely bring you joy. If you like herbs and flowers, you can plant geraniums, clematis, and marigolds. Bulbs such as hyacinths are also recommended. Of course, there are many more varieties to choose from, so ask at the garden store if the plant is suitable for growing on your balcony.

modré balkonové dveře

Water, water, water

Balconies get a lot of sun, so watering is more frequent. When the sun is really hot, it is not a bad idea to provide shade so that the plants are not exposed to the scorching light. If you take a long vacation during the hot summer, you may want to ask a friend to come over to water the plants. A week when the thermometer is above 30 degrees Celsius can kill plants.
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Potted or not potted?

Pots are of course one option, but even plastic bags can be used for planting. Good quality garden soil is a given, but you can also save money by asking a friend who has a garden to dig the soil for you.

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Plants definitely belong on a balcony and it would be a shame not to take advantage of this. A balcony with greenery is very nice. You don\’t necessarily have to fill your balcony with flowers, but you should have at least one or two plants. Green is calming and sitting on such a balcony takes on a new dimension. If we are not growing too big, we can ask around and pick flowers that are hardly demanding; if we are growing too big, we can ask around and pick flowers that are not too demanding.