Active sports can prevent skin deterioration

When you watch athletes and sportswomen on TV, you have probably noticed that their faces look older than their actual age, even though they have beautiful athlete bodies. Similarly, people who play sports may face similar problems.
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If you are taking care of your skin while playing active sports, chances are you are making some mistakes. Especially when you are playing an active sport, you need to take care of your skin a little differently than someone who is not playing an active sport.
1)First, not wearing makeup in the gym is a very big and serious mistake. When playing sports, your skin needs to breathe, but you do not allow it to do so under a layer of makeup. The fact that you want to impress coaches and other athletes may be nice, but after a while your skin will look older and you will thank them for it. Always keep a makeup remover in your purse before active sports, and be sure to remove your makeup.
2)On the contrary, if you exercise a lot, you will sweat a lot and wash your face frequently. Of course this is necessary, but don\’t forget to treat your skin every time you wash your face. Or, instead of washing with water every time, a solution is to use micellar water. Micellar water does not dry the skin very much, otherwise the skin will remain tight, and the aging process will be accelerated because of the lack of natural sebum.
3) Some people\’s skin is sensitive and always turns red when they play sports.
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[4) Do you get acne on your face or all over your body when you do active sports in hot weather? When it is hot, sebum from the scalp runs off the skin and together with sweat, forms acne. Therefore, choose breathable clothing for sports in hot weather and an alcohol-free cleanser can help prevent acne. When playing sports outdoors in hot weather, remember to take care of your skin with sunscreen cream to prevent wrinkles.