10 Tips to Do with Friends

1) Go cultural

Catch up with Covid Breaks and book tickets to the theater or musical. Dress nicely, smartly, and casually for the event. Of course, theater sandwiches and sparkling wine at intermission are a must.

2) Create together

Learn something new together. Crochet, paint watercolors, etc. You can create one piece together or each create your own. And if you don\’t feel like learning a new creative activity at home, attend a class together first.


Creative Activity Courses

Sign up for a calligraphy or knitting course. In another direction, you could learn to bake a cake. That way, you can flick a homemade cake at their birthday party. 26]

④ Do some sports together

Sitting down and drinking coffee is great, but do something for your health at the same time. Put your coffee in a thermo mug and go for a brisk walk. That way, you will be able to chat with each other. If it\’s summer, inline skating or cycling is also good.

5) Have lunch together

Do you have a lunch break? Invite a friend to join you for an outdoor lunch together during your work break. It\’s more fun and you can discuss the latest gossip.

6) Summer Picnic

In the summer, pack a basket with a blanket, fruit, cheese, ham, toast, and a salty bar and sit in the middle of a green park. Enjoy brunch outdoors while the birds chirp.


7) Home Cinema

Not in the mood to go out and both want to stay in your sweatpants? Just make a home cinema. Keep your sweatpants on, buy some cheesy popcorn, and watch the latest episode of your favorite show.

8) Go to the spa

Enjoy a long weekend at a spa hotel. Get a massage or manicure. In other words, pamper yourself and be a princess this time. You deserve it.

9) Do a good deed

Buy a bag of pellets together and take them to the nearest shelter, or organize the kids\’ toys and donate them to those in need.

10) Try an adrenaline rush

Want to get the blood pumping? Try an adrenaline-pumping activity such as bungee jumping.