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Self Defence Lessons - How Can You Benefit from Taking Them

Can Self Defence Lessons Really Teach You to Deal with Real-Life Attacks?

Physical assaults unfortunately happen. On a daily basis. A growing number of people, especially women are therefore taking steps to improve their personal security including by taking self defence lessons. Many, however, are wondering whether these lessons can prepare them for real-life situations. The answer to this question is somewhere in between yes and no. Self defence lessons teach you manoeuvres to use in case you get assaulted but it’s impossible to cover just about all situations. Self defence lessons, however, aren’t just about preparation for a potential physical assault but they are also about preventing it in the first place.

What You Are Taught at Self Defence Lessons

As mentioned earlier, self defence lessons teach you how to react in case you get physically assaulted. You are taught self defence techniques for a variety of situations which you then test in simulated real-life scenarios. But they also teach you how to avoid finding yourself in a situation to test your self defence skills against an actual attacker. Self defence lessons usually also put a lot of emphasis on:

Bottom Line

Self defence lessons may not be able to prepare you for all potentially dangerous situations but they teach you how to react if being physically assaulted. And what is even more important, they teach you how to reduce the risk of finding yourself in dangerous situations. This gives you a feeling of empowerment and increased self confidence which in turn makes you less likely to become a victim of violent crime because the attackers are less likely to choose you if they think that you might be able to overcome them.