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Personal Alarms, Self Defence Sprays and Home Security Products

In addition to taking self defence lessons or/and training martial arts, you can also increase your personal security by using security products such as:

Personal Alarms

Also known as attack alarms, panic alarms, defence alarms and rape alarms, these tiny devices are designed to be loud. Very loud as some can reach as much as 140 decibels. Their main purpose is of course to create noise and draw attention to the situation. The loud sound typically scares off the attackers because they don’t want to attract attention. To benefit from a personal alarm, however, it is crucial to have it ready at hand because it can’t help you buried somewhere deep in your purse. Also, don’t wait to be actually physically assaulted to activate your alarm. If you feel uneasy, just activate it.

Self Defence Sprays

Also known as identifier sprays, self defence sprays aren’t the same as pepper sprays which are illegal in the UK. Unlike the latter, self defence sprays aren’t designed to harm the attacker and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Their purpose is to surprise the attacker and win an opportunity to escape or make noise either by screaming as loud as you can or activating your personal alarm. In addition, the bright red liquid stains the attacker’s clothing and skin which facilitates his/her identification.


Pepper sprays are legal in many European countries but you are advised against bringing it into the UK from abroad because as mentioned above, they’re illegal. If you use a pepper spray to defend yourself from an attacker, you may actually get in trouble with the authorities.

Home Security Products

Just because you live in a safe neighbourhood that doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe. Thieves and burglars take advantage of every opportunity they have and therefore it is of key importance to keep your doors and windows locked, and not to let in strangers because they may be burglars pretending to be door-to-door sellers, insurance agents, survey takers, etc. to see if you have anything worth stealing and asses your home security.

Locked doors and windows unfortunately don’t always keep burglars and intruders away. For that reason it is a good idea to take additional steps to increase your home security with one or multiple home security products. Examples include various door and window alarms which sound a loud alarm if someone tries to break in through your doors or windows from outside. Then there are motion detection alarms which like their name suggests sound an alarm if detecting motion, cctv cameras which have a powerful deterrent effect, etc. It may be difficult to decide between the many options available but whatever makes it harder on criminals to get into your home will make you and your family safer.