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Martial Arts to Increase Your Personal Security

Self Defence Classes Vs Martial Arts

Self defence classes teach you the basic manoeuvres to defend yourself if you’re assaulted and help you learn ways to avoid being assaulted in the first place. It is also true, however, that their benefits are limited in the aspect of actual confrontation with an attacker. To be able to fight off an attacker, you need to learn how to fight because if you miss, you will probably make the attacker even more angry. And this is where martial arts step in.

How Training of Martial Arts Increases Your Personal Security

Martial arts refer to a variety of combat practices which are trained for a number of reasons including competition and health but they are most often practised for self defence purposes. The emphasis is thus on learning combat techniques which improve your ability to defend yourself in case you get physically assaulted. Just like self defence classes, however, martial arts also increase your confidence, self-esteem, concentration and awarenesses of the surroundings, and improve your fitness level. Thus training of martial arts helps reduce the risk of physical assault because the attackers are less likely to pick on a person who walks self-confidently and looks like they might fight back.

There is no guarantee that martial arts will enable you to overcome the attacker, no matter how hard you train because it would be foolish to attempt to fight if the attacker has a gun for instance. Also, most martial arts base on avoidance of potentially dangerous situations. But if you find yourself compelled to fight, you have a greater chance to overcome the attacker if you’re skilful in martial arts than if you know only the basic self defence manoeuvres.

Many martial arts are learned for self defence purposes. Some of the most popular ones include: